QSRs – Quick Service Restaurants Under the Gun With New Health Care Rule Phase-Ins

It seems like everyone in the quick service restaurant, that is to say that fast food restaurant industry is complaining about the new health care rules. Consider if you will that the average McDonald’s restaurant has between 25 and 50 employees, and consider if you will that the average turnover is something like 70% per year. It hardly makes sense for a franchisee that runs several McDonald’s restaurants to sign up a new employee for the healthcare, if they’re only going to be there a very short time.

Many folks have their first job at McDonald’s, and some kids work after school hours while they’re in high school at McDonald’s – meanwhile they are already on their parent’s health care plan. Some college students work at McDonald’s, and work up towards management, but then school ends, and they go to get a high-paying job, or I should say one which is in their area of study, after all, they have to pay off those very expensive school loans, and the chances of them doing it on a McDonald’s salary are very little, unless they can get themselves worked into a manager’s position.

Nevertheless these new health care rules phase ins are going to be really tough on the quick service restaurant business, and we can expect that many of these quick service restaurants will start laying people off, or even closing their stores. If you’re worried about the number of unemployed in our country, we haven’t seen anything yet, because there are many industries like the fast food restaurant industry that will be severely hurt by the ObamaCare health care law.

McDonald’s Corporation is just one company that has asked for a waiver of Obama Care, and luckily they are headquartered in Illinois, so it makes it that much easier to deal with the Obama Administration, but consider if you will that there are 450,000 franchises in the United States, and most of them hire labor at the bottom of the food chain (no pun intended), if all of these businesses gets wavered, then it’s almost as if the Obama Care healthcare law solved no problems at all.

If they don’t get waivers, many of them will go out of business, adding to our unemployment, and that means fewer people paying into the system, but more people needing free healthcare. That means the whole system will collapse, which is pretty much how socialism works anyway isn’t it? Just look at the riots in France, I hope that doesn’t happen at my local fast food restaurant, because I sure like their cheeseburgers. Please consider all this.